Formed in 1981, RTH has 43 years’ experience in providing a comprehensive and exciting range of exhibition and event related services. RTH passionately delivers innovative and workable design solutions and an unparalleled level of service on-site. This provides our clients with peace of mind as well as best value.

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Our Departments



RTH has an award-winning design team of seven 3D and two 2D designers from a range of backgrounds and varying experience in our UK office. We have a further two 3D designers in our US facility. Our team has experience in interiors, architecture, graphics, product, point of sale, furniture as well as exhibition design disciplines. These combine to create a unique resource for our clients.



RTH is one of the few UK-based companies to have its own in-house workshop facilities consisting of carpenters, sprayers, engineers and technicians. Our time-served carpenters all have 10–30 years' experience in the aerospace industry and have worked on every conceivable project, delivering to consistently high standards.


Project Management

Our dedicated team of experienced in-house project managers has the necessary construction, architectural and AV skills to lead our internal teams and liaise effectively with clients. This ensures that work is completed to deadline, specification and satisfaction.



RTH maintains in-house engineering workshop facilities for the preparation and maintenance of our clients' properties. RTH engineers are fully trained (two being ex- Rolls-Royce employees) and can modify and install engines, models and components, and prepare for freight.



RTH owns over 28,000 sq ft of dedicated build, warehousing and storage space in the UK and 25,000 sq ft in the US. These facilities include procedures for checking and refurbishment of build material upon receipt and validation of condition for future use. Inward and outward movements are controlled and registered on our accessible stock system.



RTH handles a variety of global movements of show-related materials, including scale models for our clients. We also manage shipping arrangements for stand structures, kit systems and associated materials direct to required locations. Planning of material movements is based on client requirements and takes into account schedule conflicts and onward shipments to minimise costs.

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Who we are

Our people drive success at RTH. Meet some of the team that work together to deliver outstanding exhibition solutions.

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