How to build the perfect reception desk for your exhibition stand

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The reception desk is usually your visitors’ first point of contact. This means that it’s vital for it to look as smart and sophisticated as possible. Your key personnel will be spending a lot of time here, so practicality is also important.

RTH maintains an in-house carpentry workshop and warehouse for the construction and storage of many stands, exhibits, display units and reception desks.


Exhibition stand reception desk considerations

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a reception desk for any event and your ideas will, of course, be shaped by what you are trying to achieve. We picked the brains of our in-house carpenters on the subject, and they provided us with three top tips that will be relevant to the construction of any reception desk:


Use quality materials and finishes

It is important to use quality materials to ensure the stability and quality of the reception desk. Having the perfect finish isn’t just for looks. It also ensures that graphics and branding can be easily applied, and that the desk can be properly cleaned.


Make the dimensions work

Our carpenters have found that 1100mm is the optimal minimum height for the visitor counter and 900mm for the desk. Putting these minimums aside, actual designs will come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important for the carpenters to construct the desk with the best stability. And whilst the correct shape is important, the desk must be as lightweight as possible to ensure ease of handling and transportation.


Offer enough storage

Our carpenters can interpret what storage needs to be constructed after receiving briefing information and specifications from our clients - and great designs from our in-house studio. They can build a vast range of storage. From shelving and pedestals to lockable storage for valuables, giveaways, promotional material and AV equipment.

RTH possesses a wealth of expertise in building reception desks and creating a first-class impression for your visitors. Please get in touch with any carpentry requirements you would like to discuss with us.


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