Seven benefits of choosing an exhibition supplier with in-house engineers

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As a leading global supplier of exhibition solutions, RTH maintains an in-house engineering workshop. This allows for the preparation and maintenance of our clients’ aero engines and hardware displays. Our fully trained technicians travel the world to install a wide range of exhibits.

We caught up with Andy Stone, RTH’s Head of Engineering, to discuss the advantages of having an in-house engineering department.

So how does having this unique department benefit our clients? Andy explains the top seven benefits to us:


Customer assurance

An important benefit is the peace of mind given to our customers that models and engines are always in pristine working condition. For those that demand the best, then in-house engineers are essential. All repairs and refurbishments are made immediately upon return and prepared for re-deployment at a moment’s notice.



You gain the ability to incorporate special features into stand and chalet designs, providing a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd. For example, on a Rolls-Royce chalet exterior at Farnborough airshow, we installed a working Trent 900 fan set.


Expertise on demand

Having our technicians available removes the significant challenge of laboriously searching for specialist expertise throughout the world. They make sure that exhibits are working properly and resolve any problems when they occur.



If you were to experience issues during the loading, unloading and installing of large and heavy exhibits, our engineers are there to solve them. We provide specialist lifting gear and transport frames to avoid these issues. For example, we effortlessly moved a gigantic 6,000kg PurePower model from a lorry into position within a restricted structure.


Cost-effective for clients

With a dedicated and experienced team, we save you money and time. Cost and time savings that come from our team’s knowledge are passed onto our clients.


One-of-a-kind stands

If you need a truly unique display, having the capability of a team of in-house engineers is invaluable. Our team will provide a unique presentation of product features such as modified exhibits and display hardware, to installing motors and adding lighting.


Safe and secure

The use of in-house engineers ensures that exhibits are correctly prepared for freight. This includes the installation of blanks, supports, bracing, covers and packing. These reduce the risk of damage to expensive property.

Our engineers create inspiring exhibits for businesses across the world. If you would like bespoke advice and professional expertise from a company that has the resources to deliver it, please get in touch.

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