Five ways to make your exhibition stand more sustainable

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Written by Katy Evans

Sustainability is a word on many people’s lips. There is pressure on us all to reduce our impact on the environment – both in business and in our personal lives. The world of exhibitions is no exception, but at RTH we have tried and tested methods of making your exhibition stand more sustainable.


Environmental responsibility

Our sector has a considerable carbon footprint due to the environmental costs associated with major exhibitions. The materials used, the energy consumed, the waste generated and the national and international travel involved all contribute.

Corporate social responsibility policies now demand that companies begin to address this. And there is a growing trend for carbon-neutral events. One way to take a step in the right direction is by ensuring your exhibition stand is sustainable.


Experience in sustainability

This is one of RTH’s fortes so let’s explore five ways in which you can make your stand or chalet sustainable. And remember, the greener you go, the more you can shout about it, enhancing your reputation well beyond the bounds of the exhibition itself.


Don’t let your assets be a one-show wonder – design them with reusability in mind

Perhaps the biggest tip we can give you is to commission a stand that can be reused. Think ahead to what your future requirements are likely to include, and have your stand designed flexibly with these in mind. Then, with a superficial facelift, you can continue using it whilst keeping it fresh. Not only is this kind on the environment as it hugely cuts down on your waste at the end of each show, but it is kind on your budget too.


Use recycled or recyclable materials

However long you decide to keep your stand, you can go green by choosing recyclable or sustainably-sourced materials in its construction. This approach can be considered both in terms of where your materials came from, and what will happen to them after the show (if you’re not reusing them yourself). So, can materials be sourced locally, are they made from recycled material or are they produced sustainably? And can they be recycled afterwards or be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly fashion? For instance, are they free from toxic finishes? Taking factors like these into consideration can make a significant improvement to your environmental credentials.


Make sure you choose energy efficient fittings

Think about how energy will be consumed on site. Naturally every exhibitor wants to make their mark, and for many that will mean bright lights and impressive technology. However you choose to stand out from the crowd, there is likely to be an energy efficient option. That could be LED lighting or some other green tech. Unlike in years gone past, the energy efficient options often look great too. And while the upfront costs can be higher, the running costs will normally be lower.


Paperless stands

This is the 21st century and while physical brochures can look fabulous, there are so many alternatives to getting stationery printed. Creative use of tablets, dynamic displays on huge screens... even virtual reality. They are all great digital options for showing your wares. It is easier than ever to collect contact information so you can follow up with digital marketing collateral too. Cut out the paper and you cut out the environmental cost of production, transport and waste.


Give out sustainable gifts

So you have got your sustainably produced stand. This tip could be seen as the cherry on the top. Sustainable gifts – either based on the materials used or on the behaviour they encourage. Materials like hemp or bamboo send out a great sustainability message, while branded reusable water bottles and coffee cups are hot right now as they help people move away from disposable plastic. It all helps to round off your image of a responsible, sustainable company.


We can help

RTH is dedicated to producing exhibition stands and chalets sustainably. We are ISO 14001 accredited and we work to a strict environmental policy which you can view here. Get in touch with our expert team to explore how your exhibition requirements can be made even more sustainable.

Want to be more sustainable at future exhibitions?


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