How RTH’s UK and US teams combine to deliver client value

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For many sectors, and particularly aerospace and defense in which we have a specialism, exhibiting is a global game. From Paris to Farnborough, Dubai and Singapore to Oshkosh in the US, aviation companies travel the world to showcase their latest products. And this is where working with an exhibition design, build and project management agency with an international presence can really pay dividends.

RTH has offices in both the UK and US, and this allows us to bring extra firepower to our clients who exhibit across borders and time zones. Here are three ways in which our UK and US teams come together seamlessly to enhance the service we deliver to our clients.

Time zones

The world is getting smaller, but that doesn’t hide the fact that there are some brutal time zone differences when you are exhibiting on the other side of the globe. Having an experienced design and management team based in the UK is a useful resource for our clients based in the States.

It helps with efficiency during the briefing and design stage. It means that our US team can take instruction from you one day and submit it to UK designers before going home. Our UK designers will then pick it up and work on it when they come in, and designs can be presented back to you first thing the following morning. Our clients find such a turnaround impressive and a breath of fresh air, particularly when a decision needs to be made against a pressing deadline.

Sometimes time zone differences can be even more severe, when exhibiting in Asia for instance. In these projects, our UK office is a critical bridge between the Far East and the US.

Logistics and law

It is not just time that differs around the world. Laws, customs, even units of measurement  vary. With seasoned experts based on both sides of the Atlantic, you can be sure that all local laws and customs are adhered to.

For instance, import duties and fees, as well as international safety and building regulations all differ from the US. Having worked for so long in this global environment, we know both what the issues are and how best to manage them.

Little things such as shipping timelines or confusion between the imperial and metric system or currency conversions have the potential to cause big headaches. However with offices operating in the UK and US these are issues we are always aware of and leave no room for error.

Language is an obvious point of difference too when we move into continental Europe and Asia, although here we can be thankful that English usage is so prevalent.

Account management

Much work nowadays is done via email and conference call. There is no more practicable way of getting 20 or 30 people around the world in on one conversation. However, sometimes, some good old-fashioned face-to-face time is called for. And again, having offices in two of the largest aerospace markets of the UK and US is invaluable for this.

Whether it be stopping by to talk through wallpaper samples, or being able to drop off some gratuities we’ve been storing, having a local presence is something that our clients strongly appreciate.

Our two teams also operate seamlessly together on site at exhibitions. For larger clients, where you may have more than one business division exhibiting, our organisational structure means that we can service you with two distinct teams to ensure that each of your divisions gets the appropriate level of attention. When necessary, our two teams can act as an overflow resource for each other, to make sure a deadline is met for you.

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So whether you are a US company exhibiting in Europe and beyond, or a UK company exhibiting in the US, talk to us to see how our two offices can help you achieve your goals.

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