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LED walls are a striking, cost-effective and innovative way to add that wow-factor to your exhibition stand. Big screens are, of course, not new to the world of exhibitions. But older technology such as projectors and previous iteration LED screens do not do justice to what can be achieved today with the latest LED tech.

Whether you like your gadgets or not, you will probably be aware that there always seems to be a latest ‘must have’ TV you should buy for your living room. In the last 20 years, we have gone from widescreen to flat screen to HD, UHD 4k and now 8K.

And likewise, commercial LED walls have enjoyed many innovations that make them a stunning addition to an exhibition stand today.

The benefits of LED walls

There are numerous benefits to using LED walls in your exhibition stand.

They are super bright, making them an ideal solution for outdoor use. Whatever the ambient lighting conditions, they will remain impressively clear to visitors.

LED walls are flexible. They tend to be modular meaning you can scale them up or down to achieve precisely the design and effect you were looking for. And they are cost-effective. As with all new technologies, the price comes down as they become more established, so there are LED wall solutions to fit all budgets.

LED walls are easy to set up and operate. When compared to alternatives of the past like projectors, LED walls are a clear winner. Because you don’t have to project across a room, you don’t need to waste your creative efforts on making them fit the space. Instead, you can focus your creativity on achieving maximum impact.

Latest LED wall technology

The latest LED wall technology is fascinating. Our AV partner works with us to push the boundaries to the limit. This means you can have curves – think awesome LED pillars; incorporate edges – picture right-angled screens presented as either the inside or outside of a cube; or simply brilliant flat screens.

LED walls in action

LED walls are a go-to solution for us when adding pizzazz to a stand. Two recent events where we incorporated them for clients to great effect were at the Singapore Airshow for Pratt & Witney and for Embraer at the Dubai Airshow.

For Pratt & Witney, a massive 72-foot video wall was a huge draw for the Singapore Airshow attendees. It allowed Pratt & Witney to showcase their services, products and technologies in an impressive light.

Embraer’s LED wall in Dubai was for outdoor use on an aircraft runway. Using the latest LED panels we were able to ensure excellent picture clarity – even up close. And these panels are IP65 rated for durability in any weather conditions. Taking advantage of the modular build, we designed an unusually long widescreen format to catch the eye.

Make an LED wall your next centrepiece

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