Two contrasting museum-style pavilions at the 2019 Paris Air Show

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Written by Jim Walsh

Among our biggest briefs at the 2019 Paris Air Show were the pavilions of UTC and Embraer. Two giants of the aviation industry each wanting something eye-catching to make an impact at the show. What is so interesting is the contrasting way in which this is achieved.

As an end-to-end exhibition design, build and project management agency, we were there for the whole journey for our clients. From design right through to ensuring everything runs smoothly during show week.

Embraer – celebrating 50 years of wonder

For Embraer, 2019 was an extra special year. They were marking their 50th anniversary. Their pavilion was to be a focal point to celebrate their journey of wonder. Upon entering the striking reception a sense of anticipation builds. You can hear atmospheric music but can’t see the interior due to a hanging door curtain.

Step through the interior door and you are instantly immersed in wonder. An enormous LED wall displaying Embraer’s story dominates the room, the other walls are completely mirrored creating an infinity effect for the video wall. The ceiling is mirrored too, further adding to your immersion. It reflects clouds in the floor – actually bespoke nebulous couches with a dramatic smoke special effect swirling about them.

There’s a complete absence of natural light, models of Embraer’s aircraft suspended from the ceiling and music reverberating around. You are transported from the outskirts of Paris to a distant cloudscape by the LED wall and accompanying effects.

UTC – showcasing the best of Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace

Walking through the doors of UTC’s pavilion you are presented with some of their flagship hardware: The huge GTF, the PW800 and the F135 from Pratt & Whitney, and an array of advanced components from Collins Aerospace displayed around an interactive cockpit and cabin.

Every exhibit is highlighted with the signature blues and oranges of the two brands, and then there are the LED screens. Lots of LED screens. These complement the physical exhibits with impressive audio visuals.

The interactive wall supporting Collins’s side of the pavilion is actually the largest of its type in the world. The central screen showcasing UTC’s hybrid-electric propulsion X-Plane, and the LED pillar and floor of Pratt & Whitney’s Future Zone, are supported by advanced directional speakers. These prevent sound bleed across the pavilion. It all works to create a dynamic yet controlled environment in which to appreciate UTC’s industry-leading technologies.

RTH’s creative approaches

With so much to see at the Paris Air Show 2019, it’s imperative to make an impact. Embraer and UTC have achieved this in very different ways, showing the heights of creativity that the team at RTH brings to our clients.

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