Overcoming challenges during the design and build of exhibition displays

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If you have been involved in creating exhibition displays before, you will know that technical or logistical challenges can spring out at you from any direction. This is especially the case when you are pushing a budget or your creativity to the limits.

While an “It’ll be alright on the night” positive attitude helps, what you really need is an exhibition design and build agency that has the expertise to deliver, no matter what is thrown at them.

Our biggest event of 2019 was the Paris Air Show. After months of preparation, it was a real success for us and our clients, but that is not to say there were not a few challenges along the way. Here is a whistle stop tour of some of the challenges which we solved to ensure our clients had a Paris Air Show to remember.

More space, same budget

Barnes, an existing client, expanded their exhibition space but froze their design and build budget. Fortunately, they liked many aspects of the previous exhibition stand we had created for them. This meant we were able to reuse many components including the walls, reception desk and furniture – friendly on the budget as well as the environment.

We could then evolve the design, using simple touches like partial frosting on the glass of their meeting room to allow for privacy whilst optimising the external lighting to emphasise the space. And we gave the whole stand more presence with the use of a suspended branded banner so it could be seen from far and wide.

Recreating an experience with 30% less space

Boom had been delighted with the chalet we had designed and built for them the year before at Farnborough. They wanted the same again please this year. The only problem was that due to site limitations the space available to them was 30% smaller.

Cue some creative thinking and application of knowledge gained through years of experience. A space-saving spiral staircase and sliding doors were installed to maximise the usable space we did have. Whilst favourite fittings from the previous show like suspended lights and wall mounted lightboxes were reused to save on waste and ensure the continuity they desired.

Increasing meeting room capacity without feeling crowded

UTC’s large two-storey chalet at the Paris Air Show was to feature two extra conference rooms on their previous chalet, without compromising on comfort. So our designers got to work to ensure that this was achieved.

Each conference room was designed to be smaller, as that was the preferred way to generate the extra space. But our solution maximised the natural light to create a bright and airy feel. This was complemented by a rethink on the conference room furniture. The rectangular tables of the past were switched out for circular ones which can more comfortably accommodate the same amount of people in less space.

What is your biggest exhibition design challenge?

With 38 years’ experience, we have enough know-how to overcome most design challenges that come our way, and present our clients with workable real-world solutions. So if you’ve been stumped by an exhibition challenge which you want to overcome, why not give us a call and see what we can come up with for you.

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