Taking off at Paris Air Show


Taking off at Paris Air Show






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Boom are seeking to redefine long-haul flight with a new era of supersonic airliner. New York to London in just over three hours instead of seven. San Francisco to Hawaii in two and a half hours instead of five. And Los Angeles to Seoul in six hours instead of twelve.

For them, speed is not about going fast. It is about the things it enables you to do with the time you save. We were invited to design and build Boom’s exhibition chalet to help demonstrate this.

The evolution of an exhibition chalet

Paris Air Show 2019 was not the first time we had worked with supersonic airline Boom. At Farnborough we had designed and built them an exhibition chalet for hosting important investor meetings and taking in the show. And they had loved it.

But this time round, chalet configurations meant we had to create that similar feel but working with 30% less space. Interestingly, this was largely due to switching from a single-storey chalet to a two-storey one.

Why? Well there was a little less room to begin with, but it is having to accommodate a staircase which eats into the space available on each floor.

Saving space while delivering an executive feel

We were able to quickly win Boom back some of their space by recommending a spiral staircase. This was the most compact solution available and, finished in a stripped-down metallic look, both added character and complemented the relaxed feel that the client desired. Further space savings were achieved by a change of furniture and careful use of sliding doors.


So what about the space we did have?

The ground floor of Boom’s exhibition chalet had a reception area and informal lobby with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors looking out onto the lower deck. Washrooms and a small kitchen facility were discreetly located here too.

Stylish suspended lights over the reception desk which had featured at Farnborough were reused here, providing brand consistency and a small cost-saving. We will always seek to do this, where appropriate, to control budget and offer value to our clients. And we did the same with the graphic light boxes which Boom favour. We reused the underlying frames while the client updated the images to keep the look of the chalet fresh from one year to the next.

RTH was incredible to work with throughout the planning and execution of the Paris Air Show. The few days before the show, the team were onsite to ensure everything in our chalet was working properly. M. Young - Boom

We design and construct with you

Walking into the lobby, the focal point was an impressive 3D model of XB-1, Boom’s supersonic demonstrator. It was built by the client, while we designed and constructed the strong frame required to hold it. This is an example of us working in conjunction with clients to deliver specific aspects of an overall project. Precise specifications were calculated and shared in advance so that it all came together on site.

Upstairs, there were two ten-seater meeting rooms and a private working area in the exhibition chalet. Using natural light and with comfortable furnishings, the meeting rooms enhanced the sense of space available for Boom to host the high-level meetings on their itinerary. The meeting room facing the runway had sliding glass doors opening out onto an upper deck. This afforded excellent views of the aerial displays.

In-show project management

RTH’s expertise extends far beyond just exhibition design and build. Each client has at least one dedicated project manager during the show to ensure that their time at the exhibition runs without a hitch.

The project was completed five days before the show opened. This enabled the client to have a test day before the show opened and add any final touches to their exhibition chalet themselves. We also run the electrics and the air conditioning during this period. This means they are fully tested to ensure there are no problems before the show opens.

During the show, the entire RTH team was incredible. They went well above and beyond their job to enable a successful show for us. If we needed anything, they were available within minutes and put an action plan in place to solve the need. M. Young - Boom

Peace of mind with complete chalet management

Like many of our clients, Boom arrived bright and early on day one of the show to set themselves for the week ahead. Our project manager was already there to greet them and ensure they had all they needed. The project manager stayed close for the first hour while Boom settled in, so they were immediately on hand to answer any queries.

Then we withdrew to give them the space they needed. However, all our project managers remain on call throughout the show. They check in from time to time, and are ready to responsively provide any assistance required.

They were such a pleasure to work with. I would not consider any other firm for future shows… RTH is our partner. Megan Young, Head of Marketing - Boom Supersonic

If you would like to discuss your exhibition centre or stand requirements with our expert team, give us a call on +44 (0) 1454 332 000 or email

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If you would like to discuss your exhibition centre or stand requirements with our expert team, give us a call on +44 (0) 1454 332 000 or email

can we help you?